Philippians Bible Study


Welcome to the Philippians Bible Study Page: 

Here you will find information and resources related to our 8 week study through the book of Philippians at RHC. Notes, questions, links to important resources and suggestions for further study will appear on this page throughout the bible study.  We hope you are encouraged by this time in God's Word and that you learn much more about the epistle itself and the Divine Author who wrote it.  

Other Resources to Consider:

  1. Commentaries

  - Philippians: An Expositional Commentary by James Montgomery Boice

  - Philippians: The IVP NT Commentary Series by Gordon Fee

  - Philippians: The MacArthur NT Commentary by John MacArthur

  2. Websites 

  - Bible (Site with pictures from Philippi) 

  - The Biblical City of Philippi (Interesting historical article on Philippi)


Weekly Notes

  1. Week 1 - Overview, Introduction, and Background
  2. Week 2 - The Gospel Advances (1:1-18)
  3. Week 3 - Live or Die: May it Be for Christ (1:19-30)
  4. Week 4 - Unity in Christ: Humbled to be Exalted (2:1-11)
  5. Week 5 - The Sanctification of the Believer - Our Response to Christ (2:12-30)
  6. Week 6 - All is Loss compared to Christ (3:1-11)
  7. Week 7 - A Higher Prize, A Higher Home (3:12-4:1)
  8. Week 8 - REJOICE, Again I say REJOICE (4:2-23)

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